Sustainable development in hairdressing


The demand for environment-friendly haircare is expanding rapidly because of awareness of the health-hazards that for example haircare products impose on both hairstylists and consumers. Suitable education in sustainable development and environment-friendly haircare is necessary in order for these demands to be met and for hairdressers to be able to continue their career.

With this project we wish to contribute to meeting the demands by developing a common international education programme for environment-friendly haircare that builds on existing educational concepts in Finland, Denmark and Sweden and is carried out in an innovative way that encourages student mobility and cooperation between VET-providers and the world of work. The cooperation between VET and the world of work will be strengthened by together developing the content and criteria for the new education programme. Other aims of the project include producing infokits about i.e health hazards for both hairstylists, students and consumers.

The project consortium consists of a variety of VET-providers and SME:s from Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Some key-experts from outside the consortium have been involved from the very beginning and they will provide their services for the benefit of the project.

At the end of the project we will have an international education programme for environment-friendly haircare that will provide a new opportunity for traditional hairdressers that have been forced to stop working because of allergies and an alternative for those who are environmentally aware and wish to study haircare.

The new education programme will be an inspiration for other VET-providers, SME:s, employers and employees, students and consumers because of the innovative way in which the education programme is executed and because of the intensive cooperation that will have taken place in order for the education programme to be born.

Sustainable development in hairdressing